The Right Floor Coating Looks Attractive While Keeping You Safe

The right flooring is just as important to your company as its sign out front. Whether your business is a warehouse or a display area, your flooring must stand up to high foot traffic and often heavy-duty equipment while providing safe walking conditions in an environmentally-friendly material. It's a tall order for a floor covering, but today's flooring options meet all of these requirements and look good at the same time. Visit Website can help you find the type of flooring that will work best in your particular office environment.

The issues that arise when flooring isn't kept in good repair can cost your business lost time as well as lost money. Safety, of course, is your primary consideration when choosing floor coatings or coverings. In a warehouse setting, chipped or cracked concrete can lead to falls among warehouse workers or accidents involving machinery. There are other instances when floor coatings don't allow spilled liquids to disperse easily, leading to falls and accidents. If your flooring is cracked or pitted with small holes, the liquid can collect there and eventually lead to unwanted bacterial growth.


While safety is your primary reason for choosing the best floor coating possible, appearance and productivity are also extremely important. If you have customers viewing your products in a showroom, you want your floor to shine. Customers who see dirty floors in disrepair will assume that you don't keep your equipment in good repair either and that the products you offer aren't up to their standards. In warehouses in particular, the type of floor coating you choose can have a big impact on your employees' productivity. Hard concrete floors can cause back and leg issues when employees must stand on them for hours at a time. Coatings that help soften the surface not only help employees but also protect equipment too.

Sustainability is becoming more important to companies now. You may be committed to following Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) guidelines, which has an impact on the type of coating you use on your floors. Petroleum-based products are out and flooring made of materials more often used decades ago, such as terrazo, are becoming popular again. Fortunately, these products and materials are affordable as well as environmentally friendly.

The most common floor coatings are epoxy, urethane or epoxy paint. Epoxy floors are the more expensive option, but the coating stands up well to heavy foot and equipment traffic. Urethane coatings are often used in areas that get less traffic, cutting down on initial as well as maintenance costs. Depending on the type of business you own, you can find a floor coating that is non-slip, anti-static and low odor as well as attractive. When you're ready to refurbish your floors, visit Advanced Floor Coatings' Official Website at

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